A good teacher is very friendly with his students. There was a big crowd in the fair. A cell phone works through a SIM card and a rechargeable battery. (b)   How many kinds of pollution are there? The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters. (e)  How do you feel about your school library? The 16th December is our victory day. They become addicted to drugs and involve in crimes. Standing in front of the graves, I bowed down my head in deep respect. Besides, the holy month of Ramadan also contribute a lot to it because people buy some commodities more than in other months. Baishakhi Mela is the reflection of the true picture of  Bangladesh. He lives from hand to mouth. I like it because of some reasons. I gathered much experience from the fair. It broadens our outlook and promotes humanity and universal brotherhood. It  acts as a companion for us. It is caused in a process. paragraph for class 9 10 ssc blogger. People here speak in Bangla. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). Next morning we went out to visit the majar of Khan Jahan Ali. Our young generations may be awarded of the benefits of self-employment. After getting infected by the virus, it takes some time to show the symptoms. It transmits the virus when it sucks human blood. Accordingly we fixed a date and started our journey from Gabtali to savar at 10 p.m. by bus. Those who are under 18 and working, are child labourers. (d)    Do his children get proper facilities? Many unwise people are responsible for it. A tea stall is generally a crowded and noisy place. It is a great source of recreation. They inspire me with hope and courage. Third, the habit enables a man to begin his day’s work early. When the rain stopped, I decided to return home. We made three holes on the ground. It has much educative value. The judges sometimes deliver their opinion over the topics and the competitors. He always makes good result in the examination. However, this poverty can be alleviated to some extent. An affected person should drink arsenic free water and take vitamins A,C,E to come round. The role of Grameen Bank in improving the lives of the poor in rural areas is now a well established fact. International sports create brotherhood and remove narrowness of mind. He thought to do something for the poor people. Mills and factories, shops, hospitals etc. When a farmer produces good harvest, he enjoys a happy life with his family .His face beams with joy. There are two or three boys in a tea stall who serve to the customers. Meetings, seminars and discussions are held in various places. He is a government service holder. Bangladesh is the home of jute. The idea came to my head during a vacation when I was holidaying at my village home. During floods and other calamities, he comes forward to help the affected people. There are many causes of illiteracy in Bangladesh. Then I enjoyed a moonlit night. I shall never forget the journey. People want to get rid of the curse of load shedding at any cost. It generally occurs when a boy fails to win the mind of the girl. Our education system is also responsible for unemployment problem. Dr. Mohammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank jointly won the prestigious Nobel peace prize in the year 2006 for establishing peace in the world by removing poverty. are considered to be the noisiest occupations. A student should attempt all the questions to get good marks. To solve this problem, all of us should treat male and female equally. Dumping of rubbish and untreated human waste cause serious odour pollution. Mills and factories also cause serious air pollution. A disorder in movements of people and other animals were being held. He treats his patients with a nominal fee from the patients. Smoke is most responsible for air pollution. He is a clear speaker. It removes my monotony. After that, you have to put your specimen signature on the signature card. My first and foremost duty is to study. It is a part and parcel of our national life. Many houses are blown away and many people become homeless and helpless. Cultural assault may spoil the character of our young generation. (e)  What is the opinion about your reading room? The government also should take immediate effective steps to keep down the prices of necessary things as much as possible. He does not know much about medicine. We should be all whole-heartedly in keeping our environment fit for habitation. Female education is necessary for getting an educated nation. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC), Deforestation refers to cut down trees indiscriminately from an area. She is very religious and kind hearted. They are often seen talking late night to their girlfriends or boyfriends. Almost all the books necessary for higher education are written in English. As a rickshaw puller, He earns very small amount, he can not live in better place. Before leaving school, I want to recall some events concerning my school. It is called the king of fish too. Such as problem type paragraph, visiting type paragraph, technological invention type paragraph. I went there with some of my friends. It does not bring money. He works hard but he can not get rid of his poor condition. He is a self-employed person. All the students try to follow his way of life. He carries his goods either in bundles or in a basket. It is a noble profession. It is a student or trainee live there for a definite time in his/her educating period is called hostel life. The history is that during those days the working people were suffering from over work. Newspapers have also stories, novels, poems, etc. The entire sports people are not favorite to me. For having these exceptional qualities in him. (d)  How are the books issued for the students? We can borrow books after two weeks. If one follows the exam tips on the exam day, he or she wins his or her chances of success. The most popular TV programmes are dramas, songs, dances, films, games and sports etc. The carbon dioxide is primarily responsible for temperature rise in atmosphere. Various natural disasters will continuously threaten our existence. However, we visited the place and the surrounding area for about an hour. I believe that it will help me to succeed in life. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC), A book fair speaks of an educated and civilized nation. He can solve complex mathematical problem easy. They cheer our heart and make us forget sorrow. Because, customers can buy anything without going to market. It was really an interesting match. Generally, he has to borrow nets and boats from his owner. The melody of his songs enters into our hearts. (c)   How is our environment being polluted? The ecological balance is being lost as a result of environment pollution. I think that a person without money is a person to be pitied. By drinking arsenic water ,people get the disease. A poet becomes favorite for his writings. I can not think of passing a day without her. Therefore, government should increase his salary to improve his poor condition. We used firewood. Fruits are a great source of fo… He tries his best to cure the patient but takes little fees from them. He says his prayer five times in a day.He thinks welfare of the country. There are many causes of sound pollution. Generally, it causes aggression and damages hearing. It is a part and parcel of Bengalee culture. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC), Television channel broadcast by using satellite is called satellite channel. Others may say that beauty is a person with a face full of makeup with designer clothes, and a wallet full of money. But it is getting polluted day by day in different ways. (e)  What is your impression about money in our life? People of all ages go out morning walk. Students come here, read newspapers and play games. Sugar and milk are also mixed with it. If this situation continues, the lower parts of the world including Bangladesh may one day go under water. A dying patient cannot be treated without it. The process of coordinating two or more computers with cable, modem, satellite etc. Generally frustrated and those who take drugs tease the girls. A band party was arranged to enhance the attraction of the sports. (c)    What kinds of plants are there in your garden? It keeps my body and mind sound. However, to control air pollution some measures should be taken by us and government. . Among them flood is very common. Then we went out for sight seeing. He is very cunning. were very charming. OUR NATIONAL FLAG Bangladesh is an independent country. There are many sports. That is why I am against of it. After reaching there, we took some light refreshment. A cultural programmed is held in the Mela. They are also deprived of education, healthcare and nutrition etc. City life has nowadays become attractive too. Otherwise, we shall lose this valuable asset in near future. Poverty means a situation in which man can not enjoy the basic needs of life. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). (d)  Do you get any benefit from watching TV? We cannot build up our houses unless we have money. Village people do not suffer from tension. It also sits at the bank of a river or canal. The educational institutions are closed down for a long time. Besides, you will find 20 interesting beauty essay topics and a short essay sample which tells about the beauty of nature. I am a first year college student of Dhaka College. As a result, a man can not perform his assigned duties timely and properly and it brings about his downfall. I always try to keep good health. (e)   How can we get rid of the hartal problem? (b) What are the causes of deforestation? The scene of a winter morning disappears as the day advances. Last autumn vacation, I with some of my friends went to Cox’s Bazar. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). (b)  What do you think about the necessity of education? It refreshes our mind and broadens our outlook. It teaches us trade and commerce, language, sociology, customs, culture, history, geography and so on. As a result, our drainage and sewerage system are easily blocked and it causes sufferings to the city dwellers. (d)    What is the alarming news of Bangladesh? They seem to be struggling but in a peaceful way. (e)  What measures may be taken for rural development? A book fair becomes crowded specially in the evening. (e)  What measures have the authorities recently taken? By obeying the orders and advice of the elders, a man can attain it. Being a good mannered, I feel proud. Rather it is enjoyment. Short Paragraph on Beauty. I do not support unfair means in the examination. As I walked slowly everything had changed. He is not only my uncle but also a friend, teacher and guardian. After the nine months of long struggle, the Pakistani armies were bound to leave our dear motherland on this day. We can communicate with the people at home and about in the shortest possible time through it. All the communications were suspended. In other words, it is a mental and intellectual training that helps us to meet challenges and overcome obstacles to progress. We visited the museum of Sonangaon. I went to every member of our family and received blessings from all. During my short stay at Dhaka, I moved from place to place by bus, rickshaw and taxi. Patients can be directly affected by rising blood pressure. He gets up early in the morning. Among seasonal fruits, I like pineapple, mango, jackfruit, blackberries etc. The patients also suffer terribly because operation stops in hospitals for load shedding. His chamber is usually seen in market. It is a happy day for them. The main purpose of Grameen Bank is to eradicate poverty and to improve the economic condition of Bangladesh. Ami Sob Jani. He is born unsung, remain unsung and die unsung.We should mercy by giving alms to a street beggar who is unable to work and consequently fails to maintain himself or his family. (b)  What is the present education literacy rate in Bangladesh? It lives on blood and aedes female mosquitoes cannot breed without blood. In addition, we forget our animosity with others. On the fixed day, we started our journey with a rented bus early in the morning and reached the destination before noon. Generally, he leads a very simple life. The whole nature wears a stunning look. When he catches a lot of fish,his joy knows no bounds. In Dhaka this book fair creates a scope for the students and other people to buy their choiceable books from here. The room which is used for reading is called a reading room. The whole system of examination has changed. It is known as Grameen Bank. My kitchen garden looks evergreen. Our National Parliamentary Election was held in 1996 and in 2001 under Caretaker Government. and the common pastimes are gossiping listening radio, watching television, reading books and newspapers etc. So farmers are the backbone of the country. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). Madhushudhan, Samsur Rahman are our main poets. (d)  Do you keep your reading room neat and clean? The red circle of the flag denotes the blood of our national heroes. The red circle indicates dark period of oppression the sunrise after a long dark period of oppression. A one day test match of 50 over is going to push back 5 days cricket matches. Actually, dowry can never bring happiness to women. Water has a great usefulness. The younger generation in cities is very much fond of playing cricket, operating computer, driving motor-bike, cycling and reading books. Flood, cyclone will show their appearance frequently. He abides by the rules of discipline in all aspects of life. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the other reasons of it. It has a great demand in the world market. After completing the primary education, I got myself admitted to class six in a Govt. They eagerly wait for the arrival of girls. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). (a)    What is the name of the zoo you visited? It becomes very busy because of the arrival of trains. As a result of procession, clashes occur between police and the strikers. Our local M.P. He can give us first-hand knowledge of men and matters of other country. Nevertheless, due to lack of cold storage and other preservation mechanism, our poor villagers lose a huge amount of money. He is one of the persons neglected in the society. (d)    What are the important things that you saw in Dhaka? I often dig soil. This is the law of nature. It breeds in small pots, jars, dumps and discarded plastic containers and tyros. These are not available in urban life and it makes the rural life different from the urban life. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC). So, it is high time to minimize water pollution. To save the country, we all should come forward to controlling this population boom. He maintains his family somehow. The important steps and changes of the govt. This day begins with gun shot. paragraph for jsc ssc hsc examination blogger. Two of our teachers accompanied us. A school library is a library where the students and teachers of a school can read and borrow books. If women are not treated equally, the society will be deprived from the service of the half of the total population. If the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere continues to increase at the present rate then the green house effect rises in the earth. I get up early in the morning enjoy the real beauty of nature. There are some events and experiences in my life too. (e)  Have you ever gone to any trade fair? The vector “Adis” mosquito breeds in stagnant fresh water and rainwater. Then nature seems in a hurry. The world has come closer. But I can clearly remember the day of my first day at school. People of all ages-poor and rich, children and adults, men and women, illiterate and educated of our country  participate in this Mela putting on traditional dresses and enjoy the best of it according to their area of interest. It is not one’s occupation. They do not know or follow the rules and regulations of keeping our environment free from pollution. They become selfless and co-operative. He spoke in a very decent and dramatic way with simple and clear English. To travel from one place to another in different purposes is generally called travelling. in English. First, we went near to the cage of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The members who subscribe monthly can read the books in the public library. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC), Good manners are those qualities that make a man gentle, polite and well behaved. Present Caretaker Government has already declared that the next National Parliamentary Election will be held by the end of this year. We can not do a single day without it. He is a common figure in our society. It also did not escape my attention that earthen pots and dolls, sweetmeats, cosmetics, etc were sold in a large scale. I was little nervous at the beginning. (Paragraph Writing JSC SSC HSC), I have a lot of friends.