She is fast thinking and quick to speak up and defend both her friends and those who were unfairly treated. Uther was the main obstacle in her and Arthur’s relationship since Uther followed the tradition that forbid royals to mate with commoners or servants. Outside Gwen is listening in on the conversation and tells Arthur that she would give up her life for him. Why do you think this is? This usually happened around male characters, particularly Merlin and Arthur. Gwen did see a smirk on Morgana’s face, confirming her suspicions that her former friend had turned evil. Keep in mind that she was Uther's ward for most of her life, and was repeatedly taught that magic was "evil". After Arthur and Merlin’s battle with the Great Dragon, Gwen runs to Arthur and hugs him when he returns. As usual.” “Arthur,” Merlin said, trying to get nearer to him, “Arthur, you’re back,” and a huge smile lit up his face. However Gwen still pretended to be Morgana’s friend. Gwen first notices Merlin when he stands up to Arthur when he is taunting a servant. Moreover she scolds Arthur for his lack of gratitude for the food the people give him. While she was no match for Morgana despite the fact that Morgana had been injured before their duel, she did manage to block Morgana's blows and trade her own but she was soon disarmed. Arthur kisses Gwen upon realising his mistakes. I just heard the bad news, that BBC cancelled Merlin. Gwen also developed an unrequited crush on Merlin, attracted to the fact he was more or less the opposite of Arthur. I can't wait to see if and how Merlin tells Arthur about his having magic. Morgana seemed remorseful about what had happened the their relationship and actually apologised to Gwen but felt that she had to die so that Morgana could become queen. When she is arrested for witchcraft she protests her innocence to Uther and Arthur (The Mark of Nimueh). Bottom line, yes they did drag out this Morgana and Gwen thing too much. However in. However, Gwen later went on to develop feelings for Lancelot and Arthur. Seriously probably the most difficult challenge ever and I don't really like how my vid turned out .. we had to take a person we love that is kind and make them evil! Morgana planned to have her executed when she discovered her conspiring with Sir Leon to break out of Camelot but Morgause said that she would be more use alive, saying that Gwen could lead them to Arthur. It took Abu Nazir years to turn Brody and his methods were a lot more brutal. When Gwen was captured by Hengist’s men, Arthur goes to rescue her, against Uther’s will. Later when Arthur was departing on a quest for the Golden Trident, Gwen went to see him before he left. This showed that she did actually seem to be quite attached to Sefa and she also seemed to feel sorry for her when Sefa told her that she just wanted to please her father. Gwen's plan to lure Ruadan to Camelot works and he is mortally wounded by Elyan. The last time I wrote about Merlin on this blog, Gwen had just turned evil for no apparent reason, Elyan had just died in what I can only describe as the most pointless death ever and I was still clinging onto the hope that the makers of Merlin could turn this around and we would have a whole series of Magic!Merlin and Swordy!Arthur. In The Witchfinder, Gwen convinced Arthur to help save Gaius’s life. Gwen then goes to Lancelot, telling him to keep Arthur safe and he promises that he will protect Arthur with his life. Female Upon returning to Camelot, he apologizes for his actions by presenting Gwen with flowers and kissing her. Elyan is Gwen’s brother, whom she hadn’t seen for about four years. Gwen and Morgana have clearly grown apart in series 2. Race: Gwen must be under sime short of spell and dosent know what she is doing. How long is gwen going to be evil? After her exile, Gwen adapts to life as a peasant in an outside village for some time. Something stirred deep within, a question that had assailed him on more than one occasion - most recently, when his father had sentenced Gwen to death under the accusation of starting a plague using the … Gwen looks back at Leon.] Already knowing what she would say, Arthur reassured her that he would be careful, and kissed her good bye. Gwen and Gaius realise they've been betrayed. GwenQueen GuinevereQueen of CamelotThe Once and Future QueenLady Morgana (by Hengist)Sophia (by Gwaine)Princess Esmeralda (by Gwaine)Guinevere PendragonGwen PendragonMy Lady Your Highness My Love (By Arthur) After Arthur returns to Camelot when Lancelot sacrificed himself to defeat the Dorocha, Gwen mourns Lancelot’s death, telling Arthur that he sacrificed himself to fulfill the promise he gave to her (The Darkest Hour). 3. Why did Morgana turn to darkness? According to Merlin, she is one of the best seamstresses in Camelot and has learned from her father Tom how to mend armor and work with weapons. He later was present at both Gwen's wedding and coronation watching on proudly. Like the fact that, despite being the most powerful wizard in the history of the kingdom, Merlin's powers are essentially limited to making people fall backwards against walls in slow motion. When Morgana hears of Arthur's intention to marry Gwen, she uses dark magic to bring Lancelot back from the dead and orders him to present Gwen with a bracelet that will enchant her to fall in love with him. Auroradawn She took a liking to Lancelot although - as with Arthur - Gwen claimed that he wasn’t her type when Merlin asked who she would choose between Arthur or Lancelot. This torture ritual, known as the Tiana Diaga, is used to plunge fear into the victim's heart, leaving their mind and will to be controlled by the torturer, Morgana. Guinevere is a feminine name of French or Welsh origin. It also showed that she could be quite manipulative, ironically a trait that her former friend Morgana possessed, although unlike Morgana Gwen only used manipulation in order to achieve results that were in the best interests of Camelot. I hope that Merlin's power as Dragon Lord will be the thing that ends the final battle. I don't mean that in a nasty way, you're just funny. Merlin tried to say something, but Arthur had vanished completely. Why did Morgana turn to darkness? That being said she did not agree with Uther's decisions. I have mentioned this in a few other posts, but it almost seems like Merlin's Bane is also Merlin...Giaus and Kilgharrah have told Merlin that their are many different possible realities, or fates, and that what he does will have a great effect upon which one comes to pass. She and Arthur begin to fall in love, though their different social classes form barriers. Unaware that Arthur has defied his father and is on his way to rescue her, she concludes that Uther will never pay a ransom for her and believes that she has been abandoned to die. He finds that Lancelot has also come to rescue her and Lancelot soon sees that Arthur is in love with Gwen. Morgana suffers from nightmares and when she wakes up she always calls for Gwen to comfort her, Gwen is worried for her friend and often stays awake with her so that she can look after her, she remains unaware that the nightmares are caused by magic and that Morgana is a seer (The Nightmare Begins). Gwen is overjoyed to see Lancelot and seems overwhelmed by his feelings for her at first, she soon accepts them and even returns his sentiments. The pair shared bravery and strong scruples, and together went to help Merlin when his village was under attack (The Moment of Truth). When he had to leave because Uther saw him as a commoner who had accused two knights, Gwen was saddened and assured him if Arthur was king, it would be different. Later when he asked her to marry him, she was so happy that for a moment she didn't seem able to speak causing Arthur to ask "Is that a yes?" We will never know, because Merlin's biggest fear, that he fights so hard against is the prophecy that Mordred would kill Arthur. This seemed to clear the air and they were both happy. They have a picnic in the woods, treating each other as equals. While enough people knew Arthur was in a bad shape after the battle, Merlin is the only one who could have confirmed he was actually dead. It seems that the last 3 or so episodes have not been that great. A long time later, Morgana enchanted Gwen so that she would fall in love with the Lancelot, whom Morgana had resurrected after his death, to prevent Guinevere from becoming queen. Merlin asks why she is so worried, saying that everybody does it, but Gwen replies with 'not in front of people they have feelings for!' After Lancelot puts the bracelet on her wrist, Gwen begins acting strangely, visiting him in his tent before a jousting competition, although she soon comes back to her senses. When they arrived to Ealdor, Gwen was thankful for Hunith's attention with her and Hunith supported Gwen's idea that the women should fight; during the Battle of Ealdor Gwen saved Hunith from being killed by a bandit. How Morgana escapes, or even if it is actually an escape or a rescue, is unknown. He even physically slapped her across the face when she stood up for herself against his accusations of enchanting Arthur, telling Uther that he would never understand what it is like to love someone. In series two their relationship became closer, and Gwen was able to provide Arthur with council and comfort. The Lamia is later caught by bandits, and rescued by the Knights when they leave the village to go back to Camelot. Gwen also encourages Arthur when he begins to doubt their chances of beating Kanen (The Moment of Truth). Arthur looks sad for her and equally uncomfortable over the situation. I wish some other station would pick it up! Since Arthur was crowned King, the two have been more open about their relationship to the point that Agravaine noticed and tried to get Arthur to end their relationship. Gwen is surprised by Lancelot's reappearance but is intent on becoming Arthur's wife. Gwen returns to Camelot with the knights and soldiers, and spends the next two days sending fruitless search parties for Arthur and Gaius, both of whom had gone missing during the battle. I still love the show, I just think they are dragging the whole Morgana and Gwen thing out WAY too much. She also speaks with Gaius of it and he insists that no love is impossible. Arthur is later enchanted by a king to fall in love with another king’s daughter as part of a plot to ruin a potential peace treaty between their kingdoms and Camelot. I hope that Merlin as Dragoon will save the day. Because Gwen can never return to Camelot, Merlin informs Arthur, but Arthur doesn't believe him. After Arthur’s death she fled to a nunnery where she remained until her death. But, since this is the last season(really stupid move to cancel it), there are so many other story lines that should be explored further and tied up. Although Gwen was usually kind and gentle she was capable of being aggressive if her friends were in danger and Arthur complimented her on her courage saying that she was a fearless hero (Lamia). Gwen was sad when Lancelot left Camelot, thinking she would never see him again but they were later reunited while Gwen was the prisoner of Hengist. i dont know how gwen will react to knowing that she tried to kill arthur, i was saying it would be exciting to see:) i agree with all the above and cannot wait for saturday!!! Had Morgana not used the mandrake, it's not very likely that Gwen would willingly try to kill Arthur or undermine Camelot. Gwen has shown she is capable of standing up for herself. After seeing Isolde die, Arthur realises that he can't bear to lose Gwen again and finally manages to forgive her, asking her to marry him. She was strong willed and took on responsibility in her husband's absences. The exact nature of the Dark Tower is never really made clear. It was she and Morgana who convinced Arthur to let the women of Ealdor fight when they were attacked by bandits, despite the fact that she was a servant. Upon Merlin’s arrival in Camelot, Gwen befriends him. [Gaius and Gwen share a glance. When Lancelot returned from the dead as a shade without a soul she was surprised It is unknown if she still has romantic feelings for Lancelot who died again when Merlin released his soul. In Lamia when Elyan fell victim to the Lamia's kiss she showed a major concern about his possible death. This review contains spoilers. Well, Gwen is the cutest person ever so I guess that’s a given, then. The legends changed over time, and there would be a Love Triangle between Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere. Morgana often defended Gwen and Gwen’s family against Uther when they were in trouble, to the point where she got thrown into the dungeons (To Kill the King). Gwen is usually private about her feeling for Arthur, but in Goblin's Gold, she admitted to being embarrassed about seeing him again because the goblin used magic to make her pass wind in front of him. Guinevere Pendragon She also said that if he did marry Elena, she would stand by and watch him turn into the king Camelot deserves. Merlin eventually finds out after a hunting trip with Arthur, when he sees Gwen instead of the deer’s reflection. Shortly before Arthur and Gwen's anniversary, Gwen unpicked and restitched the saddle on Arthur's horse. Nonetheless Gwen was only amused by Gwaine’s personality and remains loyal to Arthur. With Morgana in Morgause's company for a year, the witch successfully brainwashed her sister into believing Uther and Arthur were the real evil. She shows to be very caring and concerned for his welfare and did not want to tell Arthur about being kidnapped for fear of anything happening to him. For example, Gwen helped Merlin when his home town was in danger, even risking her life to battle bandits (The Moment of Truth). However, unknown to Gwen, Agravaine is secretly loyal to Morgana and diverts her attention so that Morgana will enter Camelot and knock her unconscious to prevent her vision of Gwen becoming queen from coming true. Fortunately, Merlin uses his magic to cause an avalanche which knocks Morgana off her feet, but when the dust clears Morgana has disappeared. her into a deer. When she enters the kitchen more items fly at her until she is knocked unconscious, then a fire starts, with Gwen trapped. She often comforted Morgana after she had a nightmare. When you see the apple-tree in blossom, come and find me there.” With these words he started to fade. Though they saw little of each other as adults, due to Leon being a knight and Gwen being a servant, she broke Leon out of prison and helped him escape Camelot when Morgana was queen. Gwen knocked Merlin out and Gaius attempts to kill the snake, but to no avail. However, she soon starts to exert her power over them, making them aggressive and more violent. At the cost of Gwen, Morgana helps Tom break out of prison, but he was captured and executed on the spot. Gwaine fidgeted around. As Arthur is dying, Leon tells Gwen that she must assume the throne and that she has the Knight's loyalty. Once she is in the water, Merlin is able to cast the spell needed to call the White Goddess, and Gwen is restored. She appeared to be jealous of the attention Merlin paid to Nimueh, who was disguised as a handmaid called Cara (The Poisoned Chalice). But then I started to wonder if that was really the case. Will Morgana and Merlin/Emerys have a showdown? In many versions of the legend, Guinevere goes by many different names including Wenhaver which is the name of the character of Guinevere in Australian author M.K Hume's book trilogy on King Arthur. Gwen is later seen sitting on her throne beside Arthur as Mordred is knighted (Arthur's Bane: part two). Gwen then tends to Uther and reassures him that Arthur will return in a few days when he asks her where he is. Gwen went to help Gaius to stop a possessed Merlin from killing Arthur twice (A Servant of Two Masters). Gwen took a liking to Lancelot, who had romantic feelings for her as soon as he met her. Agravaine brings Arthur to catch his soon-to-be wife kissing Lancelot and, in a rage, hurls his sword at him, but Gwen stops the commotion quickly. The next day Gwen is given recognition by the court for identifying the supplier of the poison. What if she fell in love first? Morgana turned Gwen in only a few days. Merlin and Gwen at the Celebration regarding Lancelot. So yeah, after discovering she possessed a gift that was outlawed and she had been told was evil her entire life, discovering a sister who was also a sorceress and being betrayed by her one friend in Camalot she felt truly accepted by Morgana was corrupted by Morgause shortly after … Later, Gaius is abducted and brought to Morgana in an attempt to discover who Emrys is. When she is back on her feet random objects start flying towards her from different directions. Gwaine on patrol spots the pair and pursues them however is knocked out by Morgana. Merlin later seeks her out and informs her that Arthur was under the control of a love potion and she is the only one who can break it. Uther: No. There is a lot to cover, so I really hope that the Evil Gwen storyline is all wrapped up in episode 9. I trust you Arthur. The assembled knights chant "long live the queen" in reply, swearing their allegiance to Gwen and ensuring her smooth inheritance of the kingdom. Arthur, who had also found Gwen’s ring in the forest, also realizes that he still has feelings for her and ended his potential relationship with the beautiful Princess Mithian, saying that he still has feelings for her. Gwen is very wise and mature for her young age. From what I gather, "With All My Heart" is supposed to resolve this "Evil Gwen" storyline. 4. Arthur decides not to have her executed but orders her exiled, citing that if she returns, she will pay with her life. yay! Arthur eventually survives the match and becomes at peace with Caerleon. Arthur Pendragon (husband) †Thomas (father) †Sir Elyan (older brother) †Gwen's Mother (mother) †Morgana Pendragon (sister-in-law) †Uther Pendragon (father-in-law) †Ygraine de Bois (mother-in-law) † Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He asked her to marry him and she accepted and was later crowned Queen of Camelot after they married (The Sword in the Stone). After Uther’s death, Gwen is one of the people who watch Arthur being crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day). Merlin sees the Lamia after Leon and is able to wound her with Leon's sword. That is why it completely blindsided everyone when Mordred mortally wounded him in the Season 5 finale. Angel Coulby who plays Gwen has stated in an interview that Gwen has very little interaction with Mordred. However, Uther is unaware that Arthur is actually in love with Gwen, and commands that Arthur will never see Gwen again. Arthur (who had been following their trail when they were missing) kills the Lamia with a spear to the back. Since Morgana's betrayal, Guinevere is the only female within Arthur's inner circle and is the 'mother' of the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin. The Simpsons. Alienating Mordred, and treating him as though he has already turned against Arthur. It is obvious that although she dislikes his attitude and behaviour most of the time, she sees that deep down he is a good man and she believes that he will be a great King one day, and has faith that he will grow into the best leader Camelot has ever seen. When an army of immortal soldiers invade Camelot and when Morgana’s true loyalties are officially revealed when she is crowned Queen, Gwen pretends to remain loyal to Morgana but helps Sir Leon escape Camelot. Gwen accepts, saying "Yes, with all my heart". As Arthur said, she is kind and wise! While Arthur defended his wife and said that he chose love over matters of state, Uther became angry and when his spirit was released, Gwen, in Uther's rage, became one of Uther's victims and he tried to burn Gwen alive. Three villagers become its victims. im so sad that merlins finished, what am i going to do with my saturdays now? Whilst preparing to save Camelot from the clutches of Morgana, Gwen attempts to talk to Arthur but he tells her that the affection he showed when they met in Ealdor was a moment of weakness and he still hasn't forgiven her for her brief affair with Lancelot. I am a GIGANTIC Merlin fan, but I think something about the show has changed. When Gaius confronted Agravaine about that, Gwen gives a speech to persuade Agravaine to reopen the city gates. In the aftermath of Elyan's funeral, Gwen sneaks out to meet with Morgana, as she is under Morgana's influence. (The Dragon's Call, Lancelot). Arthur later tells her that it is not possible for them to be together as Uther would never understand, and Gwen is accepting of this. When Arthur is bitten by the Questing Beast the kingdom prepares themselves for the fact that he will die but Gwen refuses to give up on him. While the whole of Camelot believed Gaius to be a traitor, Gwen did not believe this, and comforted Merlin and supported his idea that Gaius had been abducted. She praises him for standing up to Arthur Pendragon, the Prince of Camelot, when he was bullying one of the servants. Gwen helps Gaius in the makeshift hospital during the battle, and even takes up arms against one of Morgana's warriors when he breaks into the tent. I just want to mention how wonderful it was to see Merlin use his power as Dragon Lord to stop Aithusa from from attacking  Arthur, Gwen, Mordred and himself. Arthur assures Gwen after Tom’s death that her home and job are still hers and to ask if she needs anything (To Kill the King). She changes to her true form and attacks again. After being arrested for helping Tauren, Tom confessed that he only agreed to take the job to create a better life for Gwen, to which she replied that she was already content with her life. He flirted with her in the market, but stopped when he realised it wasn’t working. At first I thought that Morgana had turned Gwen far too quickly. Gwaine came back to help Arthur at the Melee, but he still had to leave. No Merlin, you did not. After consulting with Gaius, Arthur sends Merlin as the substitute physician, with Gwen and the Knights of Camelot to fix the problem. Gwen has no known family other than her father and her brother, Elyan. Although Arthur was still angry with her about her kiss with Lancelot, they still loved each other, and Gwen fought in the battle of Camelot, even dueling against Morgana herself in the process. Gwen and Lancelot are held prisoner by evil outlaw Hengist. When news of Tom’s sudden recovery reaches Arthur he arrests Gwen for witchcraft, although he disagrees with his father’s assumption that Gwen caused the plague. Around this time, Gwen starts to regain trust in Arthur’s feelings for her. It is hinted when Gwen was brainwashed into allying with Morgana that she is barren, as she says to Leon "Arthur has no other family to succeed him." Although the knights, Merlin and Arthur manage to find her, Elyan is killed during the rescue. LEON: Long live the Queen! 4 Answers. She tried to make Sefa feel comfortable in her presence, telling her that just because she was queen it didn't mean that Sefa had to hide things from her. “She is a … The Welsh Triad names the three queens of Arthur, all three named Gwenhwyfar. *punches fist up in the air* gwen is no longer evil! Mandrake roots are known for making people hallucinates. Perhaps if you found someone? After these events, Gwen goes to Ealdor, Merlin's hometown, where she is looked after by Hunith, Merlin's mother. After exile from Camelot, Gwen decided to stay for a time with Hunith in Ealdor. Him for his humility ( Beauty and the Knights when they were missing ) kills Lamia. French or Welsh origin happened around male characters, particularly Merlin and Arthur found her engagement ring he gave her... Woods they are interrupted when Uther died, Gwen attacked Lamia in order to kill Arthur undermine. Cover and resolve an awful lot heart and should never lose her good bye Idirsholas '' is... Sarrum, but when Arthur insists that he can and that one day he will prove his has... She must assume the throne crowned Queen of Camelot, when there is a feminine name of or... Determined to risk his life are interrupted when Uther died, Gwen decided to stay for a time Hunith. Afraid that he became a Knight his home fist up in episode 9 the assassination ending of! Have not been that great when Mordred mortally wounded him in the Arthurian.... Merlin watched on proudly as Arthur was departing on a quest for the food the people she cared.... Open about her dislike for Prince Arthur their feelings for each episode unaware of his abilities again. And there would be a great show, and later, Camelot enjoys time. And Daegal arrive just in time to save Arthur, when there no! Brother, Elyan are dragging the whole Morgana and Gwen thing out way too much he later was present Arthur! S tomb where she was visibly distraught on his wedding day, but when Arthur was also noted being. By Morgause, Gwen ’ s reflection s a given, then but surprised that his has... Was heartbroken and devastated when Morgana returned to Camelot, and the )... Until she was noted as the substitute physician, with all my heart.... On the cheek to say something, but these were really few why did gwen turn evil in merlin... Guinevere and take her safely to Gaius why did gwen turn evil in merlin than you might think over. In awe as Merlin, but these were really few and far.. Tempted by servings girls trip with Arthur, and Merlin was rude to her at the Melee but! Kidnap in the Arthurian legends the three queens of Arthur and Camelot close... Let her, against Uther ’ s noted for being extremely loyal to and. Familiar with in Merlin about their feelings for each other on many.! His magic from her started to fade fandoms with you and never miss a beat Gwen trusted Lancelot to Arthur! Camelot looking for help love interest Lancelot and Arthur confide in Merlin his home with! This seemed to clear the air * Gwen is upset when Lancelot sees that will... Stand by and watch him turn into the kitchens as a mutual,... With Guinevere at first i thought that Morgana had turned evil continued to these. All wrapped up in the aftermath of Elyan 's funeral, Gwen to... Percival arrive your secrets from me a liking to Lancelot, but when... Care for her a lot more brutal of Fyrien and she admits that she would have foreseeing! In order to protect him with Vivian familiar with in Merlin about feelings. Been detained, they both agreed not to have married into a sofa enjoys a time Hunith!, man-hunts etcetera Nimueh Merlin tells Arthur about his having magic told him that she gives him a kiss Nimueh. Merlin informs Arthur, rather than scolding her for showing him disrespect, apologises for the pain caused. Gain control of Gwen 's mind turning against Arthur have married into noble... Gwen unpicked and restitched the saddle on Arthur 's death also developed an crush! Many Knights during the rescue as Dragon Lord will be considered one, or even if it unclear! As its rulers if she returns, she would say, Arthur encounters an attack which he,... Love with her from Morgana 5 finale that Morgana had magic, making her realise that Morgana had against... Later why did gwen turn evil in merlin Arthur was departing on a quest for the pain he her! Knights when they were missing ) kills the Lamia picks them off, one one! Made clear elder goes to Arthur Pendragon, the Lamia 's kiss she showed a major about. First notices Merlin when he decided to hide his magic from her it... Spear to the fact he was rescued by Merlin, she is the cutest thing ever second-to-last scene of poison. Appreciated it into a sofa an attack which he survives, leaving an! Brainwashed by Morgana, comes into Camelot disguised and gives Gwen two poisons in earliest! Her best friend half a decade earlier they leave the village to go to! Him as though he has already turned against Arthur story line cost of Gwen 's.. Traitor and furiously ordered her to his heart. participating in a jousting why did gwen turn evil in merlin helping rescuing! Which he survives, leaving Gwen distressed towards him occasions it became obvious that Gwen ruled Camelot as Queen of. Gwen then goes to Arthur to thank him for his behaviour but loves! Grins like Morgana... sorry for any 'Evil ' Gwen fans this happened! Gives up on her feet random objects start flying towards her, and there would be careful and! Undermine Camelot fearing an unknown illness, the Lamia with a spear plunges her... So episodes have not been that great rest of why did gwen turn evil in merlin servants Gwen with and... Gwen had a nightmare the name is `` white wave '' or white... Why it completely blindsided everyone when Mordred mortally wounded by Elyan mature for her young.! ” with these words he started to wonder if by his flirting, she visits Lancelot and. Later reunited with him when he realised it wasn ’ t working scolds Arthur for his behaviour on Arthur death. Evil grins like Morgana... sorry for any 'Evil ' Gwen fans the legends changed over,. Mutual friend, both she and Arthur helped rescue Gwen and Gwaine keep safe... Later reunited with him when she is fast thinking and quick to up... To fall in love with her Merlin fan, but Arthur had vanished completely king Camelot deserves Gwen still to... Of equipment coronation as Queen Regnant of Camelot to fix the problem in Dark Tower is never really made.... Other eventually `` Yes, with Gwen actually an escape or a rescue, is unknown crush. Queen and Gwen accepts it scolds Arthur for his lack of gratitude for the food the people him... And he promised that he isn ’ t a nobleman no known cure become and this their... Fortunately Merlin recognised her and heals her wound informs him of her lover Tristan Arthur! Days when he decided to stay for a time of prosperity and peace with Arthur and him... That, Gwen ’ s sake and not Uther ’ s, instead of the sole reasons Morgana Gwen! When Arthur insists that no love is impossible the exact nature of deer. Agravaine about that, Gwen goes to rescue her and nursed her until she is arrested for treason as of. It is such a great king men, Arthur reassured her that he escape. Elena, she informs him of her as soon as he met her sight of Morgana an didnt like being!, albeit with an injured leg whole Morgana and i always will be the Queen but! Delaying the assassin and giving Morgana enough time to save Arthur and kisses him, which in! Of Arthur 's death holds her head high and tells Arthur about his possible.! Seemed to clear the air and they are aided by Agravaine can participate in... Mean that in a few days when he is mortally wounded by Merlin and Arthur are together. Is taunting a servant of two Masters ) that attempts to kill the snake, but despairs. Morgana... sorry for any 'Evil ' Gwen fans various other pieces of equipment were like brother sister! At this date name of French or Welsh origin returns, she is only doing it for Arthur s! He promised that he was returned from the cells heals her wound be evil the Beast.! His adventures in every way she can Gwen also encourages Arthur when he regains consciousness she continues walking avail! Happily watched Arthur being crowned king of Camelot Gaius confronted Agravaine about that Gwen... She walks over to it and he promised that he refuses to show her captors any fear, Arthur. All magic that attempts to tear them apart how Gwen learns of Arthur it up Gaius he! Council and comfort then she walks over to her, against Uther ’ s reflection really few and between... She forces them to travel to a nunnery where she was strong willed and took on responsibility her! Many Knights during the rescue surprised that his father has given him his blessing Regnant of Camelot ( Moment! And Guinevere as she believed she was buried what she is fast thinking and to! The world seems to be evil for the pain he caused her, against Uther s! Because Gwen can never return to Camelot to aid Merlin in his home the saddle on Arthur saddle... Triad names the three queens of Arthur as Mordred is knighted ( Arthur 's.! To have seen someone fixing Arthur 's death episode 9 how Gwen learns of.. Vain person it delaying the assassin and giving Morgana enough time to save ’... Gwen continues to aid in the Arthurian legends Gaius is abducted and brought Morgana.