In Bermuda, the Governor has delegated his authority to the Director General Civil Aviation. It is reproduced as paragraph 5 of the Schedule to this Act. Aerodrome Ordinance 12 of 1963. 1949: Main Category: Aviation: Sub Category: Not Applicable: Origin: South Africa: Page Updated: 10 October 2016: Most viewed Laws & Regulations. The Civil Aviation Act 1949 (Overseas Terriotories) Order, 1969 Schedule 2, except the following provision: Part II, 1, Section 8 In Part II, 2, Section 9 and in Part V, 11 Section 51 references to Her Majesty shall be construed as reference to His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Peruan. Air Services Act 51 of 1949. **Section 13 of the Civil Aviation Act, 1949 of the United Kingdom extended to Seychelles by the Colonial Civil Aviation (Application of Act) Order, 1952 (S.I. (6) Section 62(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1949 of the United Kingdom Parliament in its application to Trinidad and Tobago is hereby repealed. Airports Company Act 25 of 1998. This Act may be cited as the Forests Act 1949 and shall come into force on 1 January 1950. Aviation Act 74 of 1962. The Civil Aviation Overseas Territories Act 1949 (as extended to the OT) provides the framework for Governors’ regulatory powers. Royal Jordanian Air Force is formed as the Arab League Air Force. Air Services Act 51 of 1949 (SA) [Act 6 of 1964 amends the Act throughout to substitute “Republic” for “Union”. 4. Civil Aviation Offences Act 10 of 1972. November 1, 1949: Reissue of Part 03 with all amendments incorporated: 3-1: December 7, 1949: Required fireproof identification plate, location of data plate. ... party to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on the seventh day of December, 1944. Civil Aviation Act 6 of 2016. The Act also enables the AN(OT)O to be made to permit the Governor to exercise his/her regulatory obligations. Aviation Act 74 of 1962: N/A: South Africa: 1946: Carriage by Air Act 17 of 1946: N/A: South Africa: 1998: Airports Company Act 25 of 1998: Airports: Namibia: 1949: Air Services Act 51 of 1949: N/A: South Africa: 1972: Civil Aviation Offences Act 10 of 1972: N/A: South Africa Civil Aviation Act 2004; This Act was signed in 2004 by the President of the Republic of Kiribati as a replacement of the old primary legislations including the followings: UK Civil Aviation Act 1949 – used during the colony; Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 1977; and; Aerodromes and Air Navigation Aids Ordinance 1977. minorities, the program also helped train future aviation legends such as World War II ace Major Richard Bong and astronaut John Glenn, and Tuskegee airman Brigadier General Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr., and Major Robert W. Deiz. 2 Interpretation (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,— aircraft has the same meaning as in section 2 of the Civil Aviation Act 1990. The act authorized $5,675,000 to be appropriated for the program during fiscal years 1939 and 1940, Civil Aviation Act 1949(a) as extended to the Channel Islands by the Civil Aviation Act (Channel Islands) Order 1953(b) (as amended(c» and amended by section 23(4) of the Civil Aviation Act 1968(d) is pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows:-Citation and date of operation 1. Aerolíneas Argentinas is established. 3-3 : October 11, 1950 Republic of Korea Air ... forerunner of the Civil Aviation Administration of China – as its national civil aviation authority. 1952/868 of U.K.) continues in force under this Order. 3-2 : February 6, 1950 : Required safety belts for airplanes manufactured after January 1, 1951, and that belts must be approved. For the purposes of the application of the Extradition (Commonwealth and Foreign Territories) Act to crimes committed on board an aircraft in flight, any aircraft registered in a This is a list of aviation-related events from 1949: Events. In Part II, 3, The Minister of Civil Aviation is the nodal ministry that is responsible for the formulation and implementation of national policies and programmes for development and regulation of civil aviation in India as well as for devising and implementing schemes for the orderly growth and expansion of civil air transport.