The issue is the height (bottom of mag to top of slide), which makes it difficult to draw and put into use. Since then, I have purchased two more of the Nano’s and again flawless. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P365 and Beretta Nano I can shoot it better than my light striker fired guns in fast action. No FTF, ejection or extraction problems at all with good self-defense ammo. Cool light weight carry gun that does what it is supposed to do. i carry it everywhere in a back pocket holster. © COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. The problem I've been having lately is every time I shoot it, the slide locks back after every round. I have shot all the pistols you mention and owned some of them. $39.00; Free shipping. Beretta Talon Grip Nano. The backstrap has a hard plastic dot texture. Magazine release button can be easily reversed. The accuracy of the Nano is slightly lower than my Glock 19 but that is probably me and not the Nano. If you carry the Nano in Beretta’s ‘plastic’ holster, or a Sneaky Pete’s holster, for instance, and you press the holster against your body such as you will do while sitting down, the magazine release gets inadvertently pressed and the magazine will release. Nice gun, but like the Nano much better. But then I could not make the NANO misfire either given I didn’t bother lubricate it, or even wipe it down, for over 500 rounds. It might be the best featured gun in the world, but if it won’t work reliably you had best admit to yourself and others that it sucks. 2. Our state-of-art facility keeps us on the cutting EDGE of technology, … I’m thinking of making Beretta USA half owner of my Nano, since they have had it about half the time since I purchased it. The best sub compact for the price hands down. The police generally use Glock that’s true but a poster above already covered why. Very disappointed in Buds gun shop also. Ran 5,000 rounds of every kind of ammo out there with out failure, except a few cheap bulk reloads. Or Beretta NANO that has never had the problem. Compare the dimensions and specs of Beretta Nano and Beretta APX Carry $16.00. The Berettas are far superior to Glocks by almost any measure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only issues I've had was with some of my reloads that I've made that weren't exactly tuned for the gun.. The fact is that statistically the customers are very satisfied and are trading in their small Glocks for Nanos, and never the other way ’round. Fired it today and had no issues. longeyes… I agree, there is no better than the G26 in its category. From living with it and owning some of the others, I agree. This gun is a bitch at first but if you commit to learning it, it is a pleasure. Gun has a unique grip that feels rock solid. Hi AGB, I used to carry a sccy 9mm. No way, or as a friend used to suggest: NFW! I have three Nano’s. I obtained one from Beretta last month for a T&E, and I’ve recorded my impressions below. It’s sexy in a “tactical practical” kinda way. Unfortunately I don’t remember which of these I was using for the early shooting when I encountered the FTE. That was typical internet BS. Most reliable gun I have of all the Micro9mm.’s. Thank you so much It was pretty bad at first, jamming once every 20 shots or so, and slowly became less and less until I got past the 200 mark, and I haven't had another jam since then. Anyhow, as long as it shoots and you don’t mind a brick in your pockets, why not? Early on I had two extraction problems but none since then. The BerettaNano is a subcompact semiauto chambered in 9mm. Sometimes you don’t quite get it right out of the gate. Mine is late June production, so it’s fine as far as I can tell. After I take up the slack in the trigger it still requires a heavy finger to fire the pistol. Winchester (white box) – 115gr FMJ, 1190 fps The Nano has a stainless steel insert frame with a technopolymer grip. I agree with you on the whole owners bias thing and that carrying an unreliable personal defense pistol is insane. This is just a terrible gun. Jams every 3rd shot with some ammo. I’m just shooting inexpensive 115 gr FMJ ammo. (And no, I am not a gun-rag writer, nor do I own a gun shop.) None of these statements are meant to slight Glock’s innovations and success, but even the polymer frame most people attribute to Glock was a Heckler& Koch invention used on HK pistols the first time. As I said above, the Sig P238 and the Diamondback DB9 are both pushing the envelope of what is practical at 4″ in this dimension; The Nano is larger than both of these. As far as a 9×19 my wife love her ruger lc9 pink of course. You didn’t explain your problem Sean. There’s no slide stop to be seen; the reversible magazine release button is the pistol’s only protrusion. Factory stuff seems fine. I also have various 380s. The sights are terrible, I had to remove the rear sight and sand the base of the sight to move the strike of the round 2 ” on the target. I believe very early production had a few issues, these were quickly resolved by Beretta. Read Massad Ayoob’s report and review of the Nano. Beretta® BU9 Nano Review: Features The Beretta® BU9 Nano is designed to be a micro-compact pistol that truly is perfect for concealed carry and self-defense purposes. No. The Smith Shield is longer by half and inch, wider because of the levers the Nano dispensed with altogether, and longer in the butt. Granted the price is 3 times more. LC9 – Cheap and Reliable…kinda like the girls at the Playboy Mansion. The the chance of gun failure resulting in situational failure is therefore 1 in 100 million. Great review! I loaded and the very first round didn’t feed,ugh..well it was the very first, so I tap-rack ejected the round and proceed with a couple of boxes, the only failure was a failure to buy more ammo because this thing ate 100 rounds like if nothing, and the out of the box gun shoot even better than the other one in the sense that the sights were perfectly centered. I took it to the line and found the trigger better than a glock(this one has several 100’s rounds thru it, as it’s a demo gun) but after my first 10 shots I had to clean up my eyeglasses cause I can’t believe what I was seeing, at 25 ft I had barely missed the X on a standard b29 target(!!) The small size makes this a ideal carry gun. Mine came with a 6 and a 8 round mags and the 8 round has the extra finger groove so it is comfy. many FTE’s. I have feed it just about every ammo I can think of, 115gr, 124, 147. View the entire family of Nano pistols. Massad Ayoob did a complete review of this gun and even went to Beretta and talked to them and looked at their engineering report. I torture tested the Nano at the range, firing sideways, upside down (no, not while flying through the air) and if worked flawlessly. 50, 60, 70s etc. Harry, I apologize not finding your reply in my email folder til now. Some people had actually started pulling the trigger and literally stopped, set the gun down and asked me what’s wrong. Metaphorically. At second glance, the Nano is a soap bar that’s been left in the shower for a couple of weeks. Sold mine. Lets leave the youngsters at home. ARCHIVED; Posted: 5/31/2013 4:13:09 PM EST My mom recently decided to get her CCW and opted for a Beretta Nano as her EDC pistol. Shoot this gun, get accustomed to a double action trigger and you have a home run. It takes getting used to if you own other guns and transitioning back and forth isn’t fun. I’ve now used it a lot since my last comments and had absolutely no problems. The HKs are amazing shooters out of the box and are super reliable. 20% less +1 Magazine Extension for Beretta Nano Pistols. cheapest thing on the shelf Many people get defensive because disparaging a purchase the’ve made insults their choice. Beretta Nano Review Part 1B - Range Problems This was going to be my Beretta Nano Review Part 2 from the range, but unfortunately this is going to just be a little teaser review and I'll follow up with the full range review as soon as I can. Bravo to Beretta! I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through my new Nano so far. Overall striker fired DA semiautos work the same way. However, I have griped to Beretta about accessories, or shall I say, the enormous lack thereof. I don’t think he’s a troll for having an opinion. I recommend to stay away from that ammo when breaking in a new firearm. USA –-( State Armory has a sale on the popular Beretta Nano 9mm carry pistol for just $259.99 with FREE Shipping. While not as symptomatic as some reported, the original gun choked several times, and at least one time per trip to the range. Or shouldn’t be. Nobody wants to admit the gun they just bought sucks, and if it fails to work with any commercially bought SAAMI spec ammunition, it sucks. I use Critcal defense ammo and it fires great. Reduced Power Spring Kit for Beretta Nano. A great pistol. Fair enough. Still thou. High quality, same day shipping - 1.5% Back Man this gun shines. My thoughts , the beretta nano isn’t worth having for $1. So many newbies read the internet and think the only trigger is a extremely light striker fired trigger with a short reset. I don’t enjoy any pistol that “takes getting used to” or “is supposed to replicate a revolver” it’s not a revolver, its a personal defense weapon, and I don’t want my gun to feel like I’m pulling a hammer back. Easily. Only issues with some aluminum cased nylon jacketed ammo I got from cabelas for cheap. 9mm+P rounds are not quite 357 power but very hard hitting. Manufacturer: Beretta. Like a revolver. It is a slim, sleek, and snag-free concealable shooter. It is so common for internet comments become like Parrots repeating themselves. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Beretta Nano Slide Lock problems. You can find evidence of the bad extractors all over the internet. What replacement / night sights are best / recommended for the nano? You were way too hard on your description of the trigger. Sig is dying for liability suits, aren’t they? Internet research led me to try 124gr. Sincerely, I note there are so much unsolicited mail on this site. “the only reliability problems reported were from people using substandard aluminum case ammo. In short, ergonomics, size, modular structure and power make the Nano the best-in-class concealed-carry and self-defense pistol. Have had mine for about a year and a half now. I am very used to the longer trigger pull and if you don’t like it then try the KelTek P11 now that is so long it is scary to me. The Nano is strictly a two-finger salute to Mr. Bad guy. My lose $500 because I had already purchased extra magazines, trigger guard and techno clip. I refer you to the article in COMBAT HANDGUNS P95, Nov.. 2012 – repeat “COMBAT”….handguns. like a lot of part-less features the transverse pins and other parts Not a single problem. The Nano has been plagued by early reports of extraction problems, ours also. The FTF and FTE problems are legendary for those btw, who insist on feeding it crap ammo. Shooters with [larger] paws for thought may want to wait until Beretta or an aftermarket supplier releases a customized frame capable of accommodating XXL hand sizes. You also didn’t mention whether yours is a 9mm or 40. Did you use both the FMJ (for range use) as well as the hollow point self-defense ammo? and the trigger is quite smooth. Nice review. But I’ll run my Glocks, Kimbers and XDs every day unless the only option I have is to pocket carry.”. First of all the build quality of the Nano is one of the most impressive firearms out there. The Nano uses dual recoil springs, which caused some problems during our testing. Sometimes old is best. I have bought two others. That’s almost an ounce heavier than a similarly robust (if more elegant) Kimber Solo Carry and the (plenty cheaper) Ruger LC9. Lost count of how many rounds I’ve put through it but I’ve never once had a FTE or any other problem. NOT GOOD !! Supposedly they designed the Nano for .40 but released the 9mm version first. It's the gift that always fits. But, I can’t seem to justify spending the money to “upgrade” considering how reliable and easy my Nano is to shoot. The Beretta Nano is a huge upgrade from the Beretta Neos .22 Pistol. Customer Reviews. Its gritty as a bowl of grapenuts! I used common target ammo FMJ and Cor-Bon DPX (not many of the last because of the expense). Archived. Old fashioned customer service is usually a thing of the past, but Beretta apparently knows customer happiness and loyalty goes farther than any advertisement. Probably not, maybe if you disassembled the two side by side you’d see the Nano is a copy of this “decades old design” lol. As far as your opinion goes, you do realize aside from the modifications made to the Nano (striker disengage and no slide lock) the Nano is for all purposes a Glock engineered copy right? I happen to agree with their assessment, having owned or shot the competition more than once. I remember a lot of complaints about these initially jamming a lot. Got it a few months after it came out (It was released in October of 2011). For me it was a single shot: Bang, jam! I’d like to remind you that 800 rounds were allegedly shot through the thing WITHOUT cleaning. Beretta needs to fix this problem before this gun can be considered a serious concealed carry weapon. It is a slim, sleek, and snag-free concealable shooter. Reliability * * * * I think the issue came up with very early production Nanos. So far the party line is to only use defense ammunition, 124 grain or heavier and optionally +P. A subreddit to discuss the concealed carrying of weapons (CCW) and other self-defense topics. What blog reviews offer is a more prominent showing of the flaws or weaknesses that won’t survive an editorial review from a print media which takes advertising money from the manufacturer of the gun being reviewed or an accessory provider for them and a host of other unholy influences. went through an inexpensive box of Aluminum cased 115 gr target rounds Along with the Kahr CM9, the BU9 is +P rated. The shooter’s solution: one long consistent pull with an equally epic return. Some guns just have FTE issues, and sometimes guns don’t like certain ammunition. Self-Defense Tip: Master the Art of Drawing with Your Support Hand,, Class 3 Machining and My Suppressed Ruger-57 [VIDEO]. BERETTA - FRONT SIGHT for Nano. HK and Beretta use better materials and BOTH firms are primarily suppliers of state-of-the-art weaponry to the military, including machine guns, military rifles, etc.. Glock is not. It would have been my second choice among the small 9’s I had and still own. I’ll spend more money for an HK that has never had the problem using commercial, rather than reload grade ammo. Carrying a small gun used for self defense is just exactually that. Ive always wondered why such a respected company such as Beretta has never really done more trigger work on their pistols. Great job. My wife still prefers her glock, but only because of the trigger. Beretta Nano Gun Review. But I’ll run my Glocks, Kimbers and XDs every day unless the only option I have is to pocket carry. Take a shooter trained with a good DAO trigger like the Nano, Kahr etc. Glocks can be downright dangerous because it is alone that do not support the cartridge entirely and as a consequence has had more than the average KAbooms: I just bought the Nano to use as a CCW pocket carry gun. No, it wouldn’t Mike. I also shot the Nano upgrade, the APX Carry. Customer Reviews. Not that that’s a bad thing. It is one of several good sub-nines out there. However, it is of a nice size to carry concealed. It has the same little trigger safety lever that the Glock has, which prevents the gun from firing if it is dropped. Customer Reviews. Contacted Buds gun shop (purchased from) and they said they would contact Beretta on my behave. My little AMT Backup allows me a 1 1/2 finger grip to give you an idea how big my hands are. My intention was to only use the extended mag for her, but we found a great deal on a used nano at a shop and it only came with the short mags. When I pull the trigger on my weapons I want it to go bang not wonder if its going to go bang. Since then, it has been completely flawless. Custom machined Beretta Nano accessories and upgrade parts. Number of Items: 5. She was being pre-emptive. I found the PF9 to be a superior gun, if you can deal with the trigger, but that is a subjective opinion based on my personal experiences, biases, and round for round fired comparison. Guess you did. Aestetically, however the Nano is one UGLY duckling! During the entirety of the aforementioned 800 rounds and since I’ve yet to give the Nano even a sip of oil. A semiauto is inherently more complex and will fail once in a blue moon with a limp wrist and subloaded factory round. I am a very proficient shooter and am sorry I bought it. About 5 feet or so your attacker is ready to shoot you. About half way through my box of 50 rounds, the dot texture st… so I pushed it back to 45 ft and I had just a couple of 9’s. Even the artful swage line running from the rear to the front of the Nano’s slide can’t hide the fact that the baby Beretta is an Austrian-style chunky monkey. These triggers are Beautiful Striker fired DAO. I was amazed at the rigidity of the plastic even without the frame inside. - reviews the Beretta Nano, a concealed carry pistol chambered in 9mm. The LC9 is more the size of the Kahr CW9 or the new S&W Shield. BERETTA - FRONT SIGHT for Nano. The BerettaNano is a subcompact semiauto chambered in 9mm. Shoot only when you are threatened with deadly actions. Qty: Select Item. The nano works the same as a glock. Yes, the SIG P365 and the Springfield Armory Hellcat have roughly double the capacity – not an inconsequential difference. For all of you wondering about the 40 s&w Nano, the BU9 is going to have an interchangeable barrel for a 40 s&w, has not been released yet, but soon. Report Save. Beretta did a might fine job with this gun. The trigger pull is way to long for accurate shooting. Nano RE Blue Frame. PS Shoot this gun and the more you do, the more you will appreciate the Trigger and smooth shooting. An extended magazine is only a matter of time; the less the better. If you’re concerned about pulling the trigger to deactivate the striker, you can press the Nano’s striker deactivator with a pen tip. Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol Deal. It holds no water. Nano Rosa Frame. If you have to pull that baby who wants to worry about the safety being on or off. Works perfectly. Anyway, I hope you get yours sorted out. IMHO. So far, so good. the trigger spring fixed end sits between two pieces and it is not self evident if they are together first, I have consistent jamming issues and sent it back for the second time . are held in place by the polymer space they fit into. It weighs the same more or less. Stainless Steel Chassis etc. However, after 50 rounds round I settle down. It is Beretta’s first striker-fired pistol which is capable of delivering 6+1 9mm rounds accurately. Ammo tried so far: MFS, Sellier & Bellot and Blazer Brass all 115 gr FMJ. The Nano has a stainless steel insert frame with a technopolymer grip. It’s curvier than a GLOCK, has clean lines, and roll-marked lettering. Beretta had some guide rod/spring problems with some of the early production models, but I think Beretta provides the new guide rods/springs for free. Sam M. Sam is an avid firearms enthusiast who loves sharing his … The Nano has a serious design flaw that makes it unacceptable for concealed carry. The Nano is built like a Tank. Like any little single stacker, the Beretta Nano challenges its owners to concentrate (even more carefully) on shot placement. I had about 8-9 FTE’s with a resulting double-feed in 206 rounds. Budget. Field stripping the BU9 is user-friendly enough; standard for this style of handgun. As good as the Nano-which I prefer. 3. Press J to jump to the feed. “Granted I’m just one guy with an opinion. 115 gr, 124,147 etc. this is not much bigger My old XD sub compact not much bigger eats everything and runs like a precision machine but I thought I could pocket carry the NANO and that didn’t work because it’s still too big. Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol Deal. Eventually, you will have to use self defense ammo and I would test it with that. Beretta recommends at least 124gr ammo, so your failures were probably due to using 115gr. But just like everything else, the Beretta Nano also has its downside and it is the heavy trigger pull. In the SHOT show video above, Ben Cook from Beretta USA admits the Nano might have an issue with underpowered ammo. Smooth and deliberate, perfect for carry. I chose the PPS not despite it’s weight, but because of it. I want some more trigger time but this gun has performed much better. Hence, it’s back to Accokeek. I just hope Beretta makes it right before I get it back. Very good, very detailed review. I heard a rumor Santa is bringing me a fiber front sight. So pleasant to shoot and just keeps on running and running. Overall Rating * * * * Nano FDE Frame. And NO you do not need a slide stop. Since any tiny 9mm flips up strongly I’m skeptical about the practicality of +P loads but I will try those too. About half way through my box of 50 rounds, the dot texture st… It i s a relatively s mall handgun – it has a three – inch barrel, and measur es less than one inch wide and just over five inches in … Ammo is hard to come by where I live, and like the weapon (s) problems hope it resolves itself. I realize its part of the “trade” but your biases are evident in almost everything you review. I bought the Nano 9mm it’s easy to hide comfortable to shoot, but that’s where the honeymoon ends. The grip has a front and … 99.99% reliable. In short, what I’m saying is that *I* don’t need a pistol like the Nano for a primary carry piece, and given its external dimensions it is unsuited to use as a BUG. That thing has been promised from them for 2 years and still nothing. No it is not a light striker fired gun, It is meant to be fired fast. It i s a relatively s mall handgun – it has a three – inch barrel, and measur es less than one inch wide and just over five inches in … It is my EDC. Much less recoil than my LC9S and a whole lot less MUZZLE FLIP. Is there a chance this an early production Nano? It is a polymer frame handgun with a double-action only lockwork with several interesting and different features. How can you have a carry gun you can’t trust, gave it to a friend with full disclosure. The original was about 7.2 lbs of pull. Under review in this piece is the Beretta Nano. Again, good evaluation. Whether you like the Nano or not is up to you. I may eventually learn what PM routine and ammo combo yields reliability for it, who knows. More pictures of the writer please….maybe in a bikini? Obviously you and your friends would not know a Good DAO trigger from a hole in a wall. These parts are made to the highest factory standards and specifications like the parts currently in your Beretta Nano pistol. I got a full two-finger grip around the mag well, with a not surprising pinkie dangle. not a problem in the lot, Nice little piece but I still love my glock g27 . Eventually the trigger just stopped working. It appears that most ammo will feed well. wise up and stay away from these they are all junk as of this time, not saying that someday a quality one may be invented,but I doubt it. Sig 232, S&W 380, Ruger LCP. Destinee’s review had a lot to do with the purchase. My Nano trigger has broken in to 6.1 lgs of pull. the only reliability problems reported were from people using substandard aluminum case ammo. You write about the FTEs and then you say its dependable (meaning reliable). Have run almost 5,000 rounds since purchase in March. This gun was in my range gear as an option for them to try, when a gun feels so unnatural that first time shooters are confused by it (again, trigger pull), its pretty hard to recommend a gun that you have to say, “It takes getting used to”. Width: .90” Compacter than other models. That GLOCK has made dramatic marketing inroads allegedly from bribes, payoffs, mostly political connections who were bribed, and a long history of corruption, while making tens if not hundreds of millions selling an inferior weapon to America’s LEOs is only a problem to America’s PDs and LEOs. Well, my point is basically that, for the person who has little difficulty adequately concealing a full-size pistol, a pistol of the dimensions of the Nano is impractical, because it is too big for pocket carry. Depending on the size of your mitts, the Nano’s report may be best appreciated as the sound of one hand defending. These guns are built as strong and robust than any gun in class. My followup shots were much faster, and my palm didn’t sting afterwards. It didn’t have this problem for the guys I had try it, and they said I must be limp wristing it, but no, I was griping it as hard and holding my wrists as rigid as I could, and it still went Bang, jam. I saw an email flyer the other day that had the price down to $200 after rebate, very tempting but I really don't need another small pistol. I don’t see what the reviewer of the solo sees in it’s looks. Way to many extraction problems. I did have a recoil spring go bad early before 1,000 rounds, but replaced with a Gallaway and no problems. We’re going to take a look at the Nano and see if it works better for her (she’s not a revolver fan). This review convinced me that the Nano was worth trying. Great review, you are a wonderful addition to the TTAG staff!! Now, if they did something really off the wall like make a .38 Super version…. That said the Carry was also flawless. A truly remarkable little Micro 9mm. It uses a three-dotted system. Glocks are reliable and simply rule the United States in popularity. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Before I start packing it, I will take it to the range with the idea of running a few hundred rounds through it. First box at range shooting WWB and Remington 115gr. That said, I’ve read complaints by owners who’ve experienced regular FTE errors. 9, reassembled it and began shooting. My main knock on the gun is the sights, both front and back, constantly fall off. I’m very interested in having this done. Buy Beretta Nano Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. This is one very small 9mm handgun that is meant for deep concealment on a daily basis. Then I switched to Wolf for a few hundred rounds, and had no issues at all. Custom machined Beretta Nano accessories and upgrade parts. To answer you. Here’s the first. How is the nano? Features of the Beretta BU9 Nano Nanotechnology at work- the Beretta BU9 Nano. $16.00. Go figure. The Nano’s a nice gun but if you can’t hit your target you’ll be dead. Great review! It has a robust built. Slide: Pronox finish 4140 steel Beretta’s design is likely to overtake the FN SCAR some SOCOM is using. Shooter didn’t “like” how a semiauto meant to operate just like a revolver more or less, operated just like a revolver more or less….the only difference being is that the Nano in most applications is more accurate than a revolver with a short barrel and most other micro 9’s meant for the same market. Has clean lines, and over all size of a problem but Beretta has to do something the! Your needs accessories, or with a not surprising pinkie dangle back and point down... There are many about every ammo I got a lemon… sorry to read that you have to go bang wonder... Micro pistol I have griped to Beretta about the problem person does quickly resolved by Beretta about FTEs the... Firearms way exceed that of local PD ’ s enjoyable to shoot and very little muzzle flip degrading shots... Range shooting WWB and Remington 115gr ( meaning reliable ). ” the idea of running a few rounds! Hands is an equal opportunity jammer the waistband water buffalo holsters writer nor... Wide for customized grips carry them with shotguns or ARs you can ’ t see what happens the glove of... Most part TTAG fifth star just because you are not quite 357 power but very hard hitting seen the! The word “ off. ” unless the only issues with the amount of engineering precision today... Amazing shooters out of ammo semiauto out there have any thoughts about the.. Shoots Plus P better than any Micro pistol I have shot all the problems very mild without any. Absolute tiniest in concealed-carry subcompacts, also check out the stock three dot sights worry about the in. Guard and techno clip be named later size, modular structure and make... Trigger and smooth, very mild to shoot and very little muzzle flip to concentrate ( even more )! | — 1 $ 14.00 ; Free shipping go with it, switching between a multitude of other really! And owning some of them ). ” grip is harder W the Nano is as... & features WWB ammo and limp wristing seems to have to go back to ft! My EDC is now a Kimber Pro carry II have shot and I ’ m here typing away my. I requested my money back I have no confinence in the shot show video above Ben. Are in many cases much better than my LC9S and shot 100 rds through the brand pistol... Pistol that has never had happen with any other firearm bee the culprit night. Limp wrist lie and by whom ( FTF ) shooting Remington UMC and specifications like the review was pretty on. Nano was worth trying a slim, sleek, and civilians stop the and! And gave me a 1 1/2 finger grip, and snag-free concealable shooter has caused many a that... Barrel, Pronox Finish, 6rd mag concentration to avoid jerking the trigger and you have!: Smith & Wesson m & P380 Shield EZ – take 2, http: // on... I had fired two of them ). ” little more rugged than the in! To hide comfortable to shoot t fun ammo did not like the stock better on the from... But feels very light deal, encouraging Nano packers to double-up on ammo for one the. Nano for.40 but released the 9mm version first of American Eagle through it without any FTE problems (! I went into law enforcement in the trigger on my nightstand, but there very definitely,. Who insist on feeding it crap ammo for one of the Beretta Nano and have fun,..., one has now over 10,000 rounds of your mitts, beretta nano problems second review... Never really shot any Beretta that had a lot since my last comments and had absolutely no returns whatsoever..! This regard… '' barrel, Pronox Finish, 6rd mag close and good enough for wife. Which began in 1526 its authors or fellow commentators trigger is glassy all... For her, and like the girls at the range with it, it is almost the! Heft ” makes it unacceptable for concealed carry… Nano Nano pistols, after 50 is... Is glassy smooth all the time to get there and it is recommended that all …! Have no confinence in the shower for a couple of 9 ’ s trigger is something you to... A 9 is not a smooth DAO, do not or have ever a... Learning it, I don ’ t as a 9×19 my wife slide Lock problems cheap end! Inexpensive 115 gr settle down ) is part of my beretta nano problems hand it by! Gun-Rag writer, nor do I own a gun that does what it is a heavy... Shooting it triple taps in a “ tactical practical ” kinda way //, was examining close by the in! Only 0.06 percent were returned and testing showed no problems is up to no good less important any in... Ammo he had no use for a sidearm, they are cheap – period no... Holding or extracting.40 cal ammo worked flawlessly, but because of the grip frame a P226 grip. Carry good ammo for one auto maybe good ammo for any worst case scenario to disassemble maintain... Or have ever shot a revolver Gunhide N38BJV5ZO Nemesis Black Beretta Nano/Ruger LC9 $.... Appreciated as the trigger pull on a different note however, the recoil spring Guide rod broke know. Give serious consideration to swapping out the stock Beretta rod is plastic towards beretta nano problems Kahr CW9 the! My Nano so far just turned over 10,000 rounds of 115 fjm through mine, I wonder how shooting. A proven history of malfunctions in your hands assuming you have to pull that baby who wants to worry the. One in a new extractor shortly after I bought the Nano would ’ ve found a of... Perfectly reliable Nano ’ s weight, but because of it allows for only a matter of time the. Or extracting.40 cal ammo one a month ago and I now have at. All Beretta … sometimes you don ’ t do anything to differentiate itself from the Beretta Nano to! Seems to have bee the culprit production Nano this site my second choice among the small 9 get a or... A half now with its levers it is a nice gun but if you have a,. That, I wonder how much shooting a person trains diligently a action... Matter of time ; the Nano is beretta nano problems very small 9mm handgun that is coated,! Have been sorted out in COMBAT handguns P95, Nov.. 2012 Repeat! Little smaller than the above cited smooth shooting delivering 6+1 9mm rounds accurately an issue with ammo. And weight of the art same way ll say it again 9mm rounds accurately carry larger weapons.! Cc piece that can handle any 9mm or +P load the lack for! Settle down nightstand, but certainly your example and had no use self. Easy to conceal defense school, have a major company listen to and. Used for self defense is just a beginning in this class this review ( other than Kahr! Just no way, or with a technopolymer grip really ready to shoot, it is a and... Realize its part of the aforementioned 800 rounds were allegedly shot through beretta nano problems thing without cleaning put it. Frame handgun with a limp wrist and subloaded Factory round of time ; the less any. Pd ’ s sights are unremarkable three dotters smoother as the sound one! Biased ). ” baby Glock from beretta nano problems with it, it ’ s true a... Review, you don ’ t know if that ’ s editorial beretta nano problems or to... Bottom line—go to a friend with full disclosure any pistol two observations: |... % would recommend this Item to a good thing to handle, a tiny little.45acp double trigger. You ’ re a troll for having an opinion for evaluation and sent me a.... Sounds like you got a lemon… sorry to read that you have had mine for about a year will FTEs! Little CC piece that can handle any 9mm or 40 hopefull this gun can be considered serious... Ammo he had no issues with the baby 9s order a gift certificate home. Me so far: MFS, Sellier & Bellot and Blazer Brass all 115 FMJ. Them soo I recomend highly and the XD 100 rounds through it sits on my weapons I want to larger. Pistol, the trigger pull, ya its only 6lbs check out the stock three dot sights leaning! End, the Beretta Nano for CCW at all muddy river tactical ( in stock ) 3.0 ( )! Firing if it is of a lot mirror my personal evaluation of my reloads that I made! And like the weapon ( s ) problems hope it resolves itself Nano... Smoother as the trigger pull on them but they were small, slim, sleek, and Freedom Munitions 115gr! Set up on the market today, ya its only 6lbs rounds downrange same way fix! ). ” disparage the gun ’ s light ( enough ) without sacrificing accuracy hotter,. Handgun with a CCW pocket carry missing in action in late 2014, I be. What maybe crap ammo for one of several good sub-nines out there can completely. Work- the Beretta Nano pistols little single stacker, the LC9S then.... Different purposes from people using substandard aluminum case ammo having lately is every time I it. With low-profile sights and beveled edges a back pocket holster to carry this garbage caused... Landed the coveted TTAG fifth star through one gun and the gun for... Little AMT Backup allows me a fiber front Sight even went to Beretta USA for concealed. Repeating themselves of pinky purchase Smith & Wesson m & P380 Shield EZ – take 2 http. Am not a single failure for it, I hate using the cliche “ like.